Rethinking Business Scaling: Beyond the “Scaling Your Business” Hype


I’m going to get into a topic today that is a sore subject both for online entrepreneurs and agencies alike is guaranteed growth programs. And thanks to the digital climate over the last couple years, the traditional promises of “$100k months” and rapid scaling are beginning to feel hollow for many of us. There’s a fundamental shift happening in the perception of growth programs. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about something deeper.

Understanding the True Desires of Entrepreneurs

1. Seeking Support, Not Just Numbers

As entrepreneurs, we aren’t aren’t merely buying into the idea of scaling; they’re seeking a community. They want people genuinely on their side, and collaborators invested in their success. More than anything, we all just want to know that we are making the right decisions with our partnerships and our money.

2. Relief from Sole Responsibility

The allure isn’t just in the promise of financial growth; it’s in sharing the load. Entrepreneurs want to believe that the responsibility isn’t ours alone anymore, that there’s a reliable team out there that we can build and trust to take it to that next level.

3. Partnering in Gumption and Grit

More than a promise of revenue, entrepreneurs are buying into the belief that someone else shares their determination and tenacity. We have a deep-seated desire a collaborative effort to get through tough times together successfully.

4. Recognition for Effort

Beyond financial gains, we crave acknowledgment for their hard work. We seek others who understand the value of our dedication and are looking for someone knowledgeable, skilled and willing to amplify our message.

The Path to Genuine Scaling

Understanding these deeper desires is the key to truly helping entrepreneurs scale. It goes beyond the conventional notions of growth programs, and that calls for a little out of the box thinking. Here’s how you can make a real impact:

1. Authentic Collaboration

Shift the focus from selling numbers to establishing authentic partnerships. Show that your program is more than a transaction; it’s a collaboration towards shared success.

2. Shared Responsibility

Emphasize the shared responsibility in your approach. Highlight that you’re not just offering a service; you’re becoming a dedicated ally in their journey.

3. Tenacity and Determination

Communicate that your commitment matches theirs in grit and determination. Entrepreneurs want to know they’re not alone in facing challenges; they need a partner who stands strong with them.

4. Recognition and Appreciation

Go beyond financial promises. Acknowledge their hard work and convey that their efforts are seen, appreciated, and crucial to the collaborative journey.


In the evolving landscape of business scaling, it’s time to move beyond the superficial promises. Entrepreneurs are not just buying into numbers; we’re investing in a shared journey. Understanding and addressing these deeper desires is the key to helping us all truly scale. Firm believer: rise tide lifts all boats.

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