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Here at Mayhem Digital Media, we are all about building the relationship with our clients and partners on a foundation of trust, integrity, and hard work. We want the contracting partners we work with to be successful in every facet of their business. We pride ourselves on a personalized experience that you simply won’t get anywhere else. We don’t cut corners, we build the best software in the industry, and back it up with world class support and exclusive marketing strategies.

Our unique strategies will help our partners capture more market share, convert more online traffic into solid business, increase brand awareness, and keep all business in house. To schedule a time to reserve your exclusive market area, simply call: 877-298-9652

Our Mission

“Why Digital Marketing? It’s SUCH a crowded space!” People ask us this all the time.

The Answer is simple.: Because we love it. And because we are damn good at it. We are a digital marketing firm that specializes in growth strategies that are proven to do more than simply bridge a revenue gap. They are designed to provide a lasting impact and instill a culture of growth in every aspect of our partners’ business.

We embarked this journey specifically due to noticing that purposeful, effective online marketing strategies exponentially insured continual growth within our own walls, and how SO many businesses do not have a solid strategy, let alone a way to execute effectively. We KNEW that we can bring our knowledge and experience to other industries to become a leader within their own space.

One of the most common reasons for this massive challenge in our modern world is because so many people get too focused on how MUCH needs to be done, and so it becomes “too hard.” They give up, it falls to the wayside, and then when the referrals run out, they start the whole process over again.

What would it look like if it were easy? Well, for starters, the business owners that we work with do what they do best. Work on their business. Fulfill orders. Sign new clients. Do the work they loved to do in the first place. And we do what we do best: The Hard Part. Implementing the lead generation systems. Doing the research. Testing new strategies. Looking at the numbers. Adjusting to where we see the most profit. Scaling what works, and eliminating what doesn’t. This is our mission, and this is what we love to do.

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Our Team


Founder & CEO

The Founder, Wayne Ledoux, has spent the past 12 years successfully marketing and promoting professionals in the Real Estate, Solar, and the Home Improvement sectors.

After mastering the massive world of Internet Marketing and Advertising, he chose to open Ledoux Enterprises in 2014 as his 1st venture into the entrepreneurial world. After 2 years of brainstorming, it has since evolved into a product and vision to solve some of the biggest challenges being faced by marketers and business people alike today when it comes to driving results, converting their traffic seamlessly into sales and referral business, and driving profits and delivering superior R.O.I. for our partners.

Today, through innovative technology, expert marketing skills, and an insatiable drive to succeed (and see others succeed as well!) Ledoux Enterprises has grown into one of the most talked about marketing platform providers for professionals seeking a smarter way of increasing their visibility online and growing their business to new heights.


COO & Content Specialist

Married to the founder for 13 years, Ashleigh is the brains behind the operation. As an English and Communications graduate, she handles everything from content creation to client workflow to keeping the team sane, she is the tracks that keeps the train headed in the right direction.


Lead Web Developer

Daxeel is a professional web developer whose main passion is to build elegant, interactive, and modern working websites for SMBs and online businesses. He also closely works with our landing page requirements to support our digital marketing campaigns for our clients. 

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