Meta Advertising 101: Unveiling the Secrets They Won’t Tell You

We’ve talked to literally 100s of 1000s of entrepenuers, coaches and business owners about what platfrom they should be putting their efforts into, and it was not surprising that most folks have issues when it comes to advertising on Meta. Mastering Meta advertising demands more than just boosting your posts. (In fact, never do that. Its a gigantic waste of money) In this guide, we’ll explore three advertising tips that social channels won’t openly share. If you’re aiming to kickstart a successful funnel or reel in leads, pay close attention.

Tip One: Never Boost a Post – You’re Throwing Money at Zuck

Boosting posts might seem like a quick fix, but it’s akin to tossing your money into the void of Zuck’s empire. We here at mayhem blame those at the platfrom for not setting improper expecations when it comes to the knowlege of how a boosted post works. Boosting will how your ad to any one and everyone no matter what stage of the buying proces you are in, so if you are looking to generate leads or appointments for a high ticket offer ( a middle of funnel activity), you will be sorely disappointed. Instead, opt for a more strategic approach that aligns with your goals. If you need to develop an apprach that will actually attract people ready to talk, book a call below.

Tip Two: Embrace Ads Manager for Superior Control

Put away your mobile phone for a moment and open your laptop. The Ads Manager is your gateway to lower costs and enhanced targeting. We’ve tested it, and the results speak for themselves. Take control and maximize your advertising efficiency.

Tip Three: Daily Content Creation, Even If Not for Ads

Consistency is key, even if you don’t plan to turn every piece of content into an ad. The algorithm favors active accounts, particularly those spending money. Craft at least one piece of content every day to keep your account in the algorithm’s good graces.

Ready to elevate your Meta advertising game and unlock the full potential of your campaigns? We’re here to help. Book a call with us here and let’s strategize your path to advertising success. Don’t settle for the standard tips – embrace the tactics that truly make a difference.

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