Spirit Based Business Coach 2022 Results

State One
Lisa, the owner and founder of Heart of Inspirations, teaches Lightwork to create a spiritual business. She works with individuals who are looking to increase their gifts and abilities and live in abundance and purpose. Lisa helps others hone in their spiritual gifts and certify them as Spiritual Counselors and Energy Practitioners (Healers) by packaging their practices into profitable business. However, she was having trouble getting enough volume to provide her long lasting and sustainable success.  

On her own, Lisa was doing all her own marketing. From word-of-mouth to an organic YouTube channel, her plate was full but her calendar wasn’t. Even using an Instagram direct messaging strategy and having a virtual assistant to set appointments wasn’t getting enough traction and ultimately was feeling like she was turning her wheels with no tangible results.

State Two

Lisa was exhausted from creating content that was not being absorbed. She knew that there were other paid advertising options out there, but the options to learn and do it herself was not a possibility. She did NOT have the time to spend taking a 20 hour course to hope the information was up to date with the changes with social media advertising and cross her fingers that she applied that knowledge to get results. And honestly, she didn’t have the patience to even give it a try!

Before this, she didn’t have a TikTok presence, AT ALL. Like many, she wasn’t sure about TikTok as a viable platform for getting in front of potential clients. She thought it was an app for kids who dance and complete silly challenges for attention. What she didn’t realize was that the average user spends 2.5 hours/day on TikTok and the platform has more traffic than Google, Facebook AND Amazon (AND it’s growing!).

The Process

Our client is a high-ticket spiritual life and business coach. Through her courses, she helps individuals build their spiritual healing businesses by releasing their limited beliefs and expanding their consciousness and then aligning their gifts to attract their ideal client.

Lisa reached out to Mayhem Digital Media to achieve the following goals:

  1. Get the train rolling again for her inbound appointment and lead generation efforts – having a constant stream of inbound clients that are ready to sign up was vital to her success.
  2. Take the strategy and implementation of getting her content out to her audience without having to spend hours of her own time doing so.
  3. Eliminate the stress and time that it takes to correctly learn the technology needed to seamlessly accomplish the goals above.

Our mission as her agency was to transition her efforts away from other organic approaches, into a lead gen & appointment setting machine that she had control over. Through the power of TikTok Ads, we would target a high-caliber audience truly reflective of her brand’s value.

Our Approach

Heart of Inspirations already had an irresistible offer that was proven to help the individuals with a specific need. While consulting with our leadership team, we worked on developing a succinct message that her audience would find value from, leveraging her existing content to build up different variations of her offer, and building out the needed tech and automations to help convert the traffic into qualified leads and appoontments. She then trusted the process by signing with Mayhem Digital Media at the end of August 2022.

Lisa worked with the Mayhem team to gain a better understanding and detailed breakdown of her ideal client. We worked together on creating flexible payment options for her clients and she agreed to SHOW UP and CALL all her leads daily. And in ONE week, her campaign was launched.

A few days later…the 1st call for her high ticket programs was on the calendar, all done for her.

What Happened Next

Over the next 2 weeks, Mayhem Digital became the trusted partner and manager of all things technology and traffic based, making necessary adjustments to campaigns as well as tweaks to the videos, headlines and targeting as the numbers rolled in.

All Lisa and her team had to do was ensure that they showed up to the calls ready to help those that had scheduled the appointments with them.

The Wednesday after the 1st lead rolled in, 2 calls had converted into paying clients, resulting in a total of $8400 in revenue.

This was just the beginning.

Over the following month, Lisa’s team brought in a total of 70 qualified inbound requests, over 50% of them had scheduled a time to speak with her and her team and the rest were put into a long term nurture sequence that she did not have to manage so that way they could be nurtured while they got to know her and how her program worked.

This will undubtedly lead to a tripling of revenue over the next 90 days. (As of the moment of this writing, we are well into a 5-figure profit, and have not reached the 60 day mark)

The Results
Mayhem Digital Media was able to achieve notable, quantifiable results for our client in a short amount of time:

Successfully QUARDUPLED ROAS in less than 30 days. Regularly attract an audience to get to know her through a digital newspaper that included client testimonial videos, which built her authority in the space.

Even more than the black and white numbers, the long-term benefits our client has enjoyed are invaluable:

Targeting people who already show a vested interest in the business means lead generation gets you more quality for less money

Lower cost per lead means money leftover to grow and expand the business.

Higher quality of leads means less time wasted on meetings that end up going nowhere.

Less time on calls that drain your energy reduces stress and gives you more motivation to help the people who can really benefit from your expertise.

Working with clients of a higher caliber allows you to raise your prices and recognize the value of your time and hard work.

Do you ever feel this way? Spending most days frustrated, fighting for every sale, and feeling like you’re going nowhere fast?

There is a better way. We can transform that stress into success and stagnation into a highly profitable machine where you can work less and serve people in a deeper way.

Is it your turn? What would you do with an extra 30+ Qualified Appointments for your high ticket coaching program every month?