Case Study – S.Y.I.G.

Referral Reliant to Closing in Under 2 Weeks

State Two

The Process

Our client is a high-ticket women’s entrepreneur coach. Through his courses, she helps women break through past trauma, learn to heal those wounds, and step into their authentic feminine energy.

Dawn reached out to Mayhem Digital Media to achieve the following goals:

Double her client count and reduce the amount of time she had to spend searching for the right client, figure out how to leverage her time by putting out a bit of money and then reinvesting that capital back into the business, & attract higher quality leads who would genuinely benefit from her offerings.

Our mission as her agency was to transition her efforts away from other people’s groups, into a lead gen & appointment setting machine that she had control over. Through the power of Facebook/IG Ads, we would target a high-caliber audience truly reflective of her brand’s value.

Our Approach

What Happened Next

Even better? Before we stepped in, Dawn felt that the leads trickling in as a result of her organic strategies were never enough to get her business to the next level, even though she spent hours a day trying to hone her ability in that segment of her business. That’s incredibly frustrating! Who wants to have long, laborious weeks trying to speak to your audience only to have it fall on deaf ears?

Once our campaign got rolling, we had 5 high-quality booked calls inside of the first week!

To fuel the fire, the leads that started to come in had already consumed her video content with proven testimonials she had of clients overflowing with gratitude from the services she rendered, so we knew those raising their hands felt she could help. Our client is still, to this day, regularly getting booking calls with her idea audience, and never has to worry about how to get her next appointment booked again..

The Results

Mayhem Digital Media was able to achieve notable, quantifiable results for our client in a short amount of time:

Successfully doubled ROAS in less than 30 days. Regularly attract an audience to get to know her through a digital newspaper that included client testimonial videos, which built her authority in the space.

Even more than the black and white numbers, the long-term benefits our client has enjoyed are invaluable:

Targeting people who already show a vested interest in the business means lead generation gets you more quality for less money

Lower cost per lead means money leftover to grow and expand the business.

Higher quality of leads means less time wasted on meetings that end up going nowhere.

Less time on calls that drain your energy reduces stress and gives you more motivation to help the people who can really benefit from your expertise.

Working with clients of a higher caliber allows you to raise your prices and recognize the value of your time and hard work.

Do you ever feel this way? Spending most days frustrated, fighting for every sale, and feeling like you’re going nowhere fast?

There is a better way. We can transform that stress into success and stagnation into a highly profitable machine where you can work less and serve people in a deeper way.

Is it your turn?