Breaking the System: Embracing Authentic Connection


Well, folks, I did it again. I fell into the trap of relying too heavily on my systems to do the talking for me. In the world of social media, where algorithms and automation often take the lead, I forgot the simple truth that lies at the heart of genuine connection—I needed to be a human and post organically.

The Hardened Upbringing

Before we dive into the nuances of this realization, let me give you a bit of context. I had a tougher upbringing than most. Conversations for me often had to have a direction or an end point. Small talk isn’t my forte, and getting to know me? Well, that’s always been best achieved by picking up the phone.

The Overly Direct Dilemma

I’m known for being overly direct, a trait that tends to intimidate some. I was even told a week ago that I walk around like I’m about to roll into a street brawl—picture that! Yet, when it comes to peer-to-peer interactions, especially on the internet, I’ve struggled with the art of casual conversation.

The Dichotomy of Social Interaction

On one side, I thrive in a room full of people, effortlessly filling it with noise and directing the energy. However, that skill set doesn’t always translate into feeling like I’m genuinely “connecting” with people online.

The Social Media Paradox

Ironically, in many circles, I’m labeled as the “social media” guy. I understand the algorithms and know how to turn followers and likes into dollars. However, in a society fixated on metrics, it’s amusing to note that many of these self-proclaimed internet gurus struggle to derive any substantial value from their online audience.

The System That Solves the Riddle

Years ago, I built a system. A system that not only monetizes online presence but, more importantly, allows me to invest my time where it matters—real, meaningful connections.

Prioritizing Meaningful Connections

I’ve always been drawn to connections that bring opportunities for growth, partnerships, and, frankly, getting paid. These are the connections that happen in person or over a call (or Zoom, because let’s face it, they’re practically the same thing these days) with decision-makers who can invest in high-ticket services or items.

The Conversion Game: From Traffic to Clients

So, how do I ensure these connections translate into business? It’s simple—I convert my traffic into clients. No, not through automated messages or impersonal interactions, but by looking clients in the eye (virtually or not) and asking for the business when I know I can genuinely help.

The Art of Asking

I’m well aware that it takes numerous “no’s” to get a single “yes.” Yet, I won’t shy away from the task. Why? Because I understand that my competition often does, and I pride myself on being better at leaning in and doing the work.

Facing the Hard Questions

I’m not afraid to ask the tough questions, whether it’s to a cold audience or a potential client. Why didn’t they buy my offer? What would they have preferred to see? It’s in these uncomfortable yet essential inquiries that the real work happens.

The Quiet Success

It may not always make noise on the internet, but quietly, behind the scenes, the strategy works. It works while I navigate online platforms and engage in actions that matter, all with the underlying purpose that propels me to do what I do in the first place.

Conclusion: Authenticity Amidst Algorithms

In a digital age dominated by algorithms and automated interactions, there’s a timeless truth that stands strong—authentic connection matters. As we navigate the intricacies of social media and online presence, let’s not forget the core of meaningful relationships. It’s not just about followers and likes; it’s about real conversations, genuine connections, and the courage to ask for business when the opportunity arises. So, here’s to breaking the system when it hinders authenticity and embracing the real, human side of connection in the vast landscape of the internet.

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