Reviving Motivation: A Journey Back to Inspiration


Lately, I’ve found myself in a slump—a lack of inspiration and motivation to perform at the high level I’ve grown accustomed to over the past year and a half. The people, interactions, and even my journaling practice have all felt monotonous and uninspiring. For someone like me, whose day hinges on the grounding ritual of morning gratitude, this boredom is a significant red flag.

The Morning Ritual Dilemma

Every morning, I embark on a ritual that grounds me for the day ahead. It’s a moment of gratitude before immersing myself in the noise and negativity that often pervades the online world. However, recently, even this sacred practice has lost its luster, signaling that a change is necessary.

The Significance of Morning Inspiration

The early moments of the day are crucial for setting the tone. If I can’t find inspiration in these moments, I know the day ahead is likely to be challenging. Today was no different; a lackluster start made me question my routine.

The Wake-Up Call

The turning point came unexpectedly when I decided to forego my usual workout. That was until I witnessed something powerful—my wife, despite her own struggles, picked up the medicine ball and gloves she gifted us for Christmas. It was a moment that jolted me out of my complacency.

Recognizing “Fat Season”

In that instant, it hit me—I had let “fat season” extend into the new year. Inconsistency plagued my workouts, and I neglected small habits that play a significant role in the grander scheme of things.

Embracing Change

Realizing the need for change, I decided to shake up my schedule. Just because I was grappling with motivation doesn’t mean the foundation I’ve built wouldn’t provide while I figured things out. I paused, redirecting my focus to gratitude for the assets in my life.

Gratitude Amidst Uncertainty

Despite the current struggle to push for growth, the realization dawned that we were not hurting or in danger. The blessing I’ve created for my family is resilient and will continue to provide.

The Boxing Epiphany

This newfound perspective propelled me into action. Today, I laced up my gloves, stood in my living room, and engaged in a boxing workout with a tattooed Samoan man on my phone. It was a stark reminder that sometimes, even in the face of demotivation, the routines and practices we’ve established can pull us back into the realm of inspiration.

Conclusion: A Shift in Perspective

In moments of stagnation, it’s crucial to recognize the signs and make intentional shifts. The journey back to inspiration often starts with acknowledging the aspects of life that remain constant blessings. As I rediscover my motivation, I invite you to embark on your own journey of revitalization.

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