Embrace Your Authenticity: Building a Business That Aligns with Your Vibe


Here’s a hot take for ya: 90% of the people that you admire online for having success don’t have nearly as much as they would like you to belive. Because of the lambo flashing, mansion renting, mountains of money generating style of advertising that seemingly will just not go away, authenticity is a currency often underestimated. Today, we’re diving into the importance of being unapologetically authentic, a journey that might ruffle a few feathers but is bound to attract those who resonate with your true self.

The Unfiltered Reality

I cuss too much, use my middle finger at inappropriate times, and tend to be a bit erratic with my moods. And really, 99% of the time I don’t give a f*ck who I offend. It’s what I call being ‘unapologetically authentic,'” you might say. Unfiltered, raw, and genuine—these are the elements that make up your unique entrepreneurial fingerprint, without them, you are just another voice lost in the wind of society.

The Name Game

A business’s name often holds the key to its essence. In our case, Mayhem Digital Media. To some, it might sound bold, maybe even a bit too chaotic. But that’s the point. Our brand name is a filter, a litmus test for those who might not vibe with our unapologetic authenticity. And that’s perfectly okay.

The Shift Towards Authenticity

Lately, you’ve been on a journey of personal growth. An evolution toward being a better version of yourself—for your family, your team, and yourself. But here’s the twist: a prospect claims they know your internal company culture through an email. Can someone truly gauge the vibe and culture from a message? It’s doubtful.

Attracting the Right Energy

The incident bothered you. But in the midst of discomfort, a realization emerged. You consciously created an atmosphere where those who resonate with your authenticity flock to you. You’ve been calling for a shift in entrepreneurship—a move away from the flashy facades to the real, unfiltered you.

Building a Tribe

In the entrepreneurial landscape, there’s a tribe for everyone. By being true to yourself, you naturally repel those who don’t align with your values and attract those who do. Your company culture, as revealed in a team poll, exudes openness and happiness. It’s a testament to the power of authenticity.

The Road Ahead

Embracing authenticity in a world that sometimes prefers conformity isn’t easy. But you’ve proven that staying true to yourself yields results. Despite a rejection, you welcomed three new clients who align with your vibe, your mission, and your unfiltered approach.


So here’s to the disruptors, the unapologetic, and the authentic entrepreneurs. Keep flashing those middle fingers in inappropriate places, for they are beacons guiding your tribe to you. May your business continue to be a reflection of your true self, attracting those who vibe with the authentic Mayhem experience.

Ready to infuse your business with authentic vibes? Book a call with us and let’s explore how Mayhem Digital Media can amplify your unapologetic authenticity.

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