Reviving the Sales Muscle: A Journey Back to the Phone

Reviving the Sales Muscle: A Journey Back to the Phone


In the dynamic world of business, it’s easy to find solace in proven routines. However, what happens when a once-effective method begins to show signs of rust? This is the story of my recent journey back to the front lines of sales after almost two years.

Out of Practice

The business had been cruising smoothly on referrals, content, and results. Looking back, I never imagined we’d reach this point. But this post isn’t about that achievement. It’s about realizing that in the comfort of success, I had become complacent and out of practice.

The Turning Point

Despite running on autopilot, a recent failure jolted me back to reality. Firing up my systems at the beginning of the week, I decided to roll up my sleeves and face the challenge head-on. The results were immediate. Three leads on one day turned into five the next, proving that a simple mindset shift can work wonders.

“I knew this would work!”

“I can’t tell my clients to call their leads and not do it myself,” I told Ashleigh, our C.O.O., and organizer of everything meaningful in the business. Just ten minutes after that declaration, I found myself in a conversation with a lead who had initially rejected my low-ticket offer. The unexpected success had me grinning, realizing the potential that had been lying dormant.

Overcoming Resistance

Examining the lead file, I was shocked to find a half-hearted “what’s it cost?” response. This unexpected turn highlighted a crucial point—what might seem like a dead lead at first glance could be a golden opportunity with the right approach. Setting an appointment for Monday, the swift confirmation shattered any lingering doubts.

Facing the Dread

The reluctance to pick up the phone is universal, especially whand I was not immune. The fear of inadequacy and stumbling through the conversation was a hurdle I hadn’t faced actively in years. This tells me that those who complain about being on the phone just haven’t exercised that muscle in years.

Exercise Your Sales Muscle

The sinking dread of “what if I suck at this and they think I suck” is real, but it’s often a symptom of atrophy. Just as physical exercise invigorates the body, flexing the sales muscle brings a sense of accomplishment and renewed energy. If you hate sales, it’s just atrophy that you don’t recognize yet. Go exercise your sales muscle today. ???? Your business and your future self will thank you.


In the ever-evolving landscape of business, adaptability is key. My recent dive back into active sales taught me that what may seem like a lost skill can be resurrected with determination and the right mindset. Embrace the discomfort, make that call, and watch as your business and future self reap the rewards. After all, sometimes, it’s the rusty muscles that need the most attention to achieve peak performance.

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