Navigating the Twists: A Tale of Ups, Downs, and Endless Gratitude


Spent a good three hours this weekend wrestling with tech to whip up a Reel from some awesome photos. Tech said “nope,” so here I am, dishing out the lowdown in text form. Strap in for the ride through my journey—straight from success to humility and a whole lot of thankfulness.

The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster

A couple of years back, I was in a maze of confusion. Form August 2016 to March of 2020, I thought my life was set. In 2016, I bootsrapped my 1st business armed with a problem-solver attitude from my employee days and a dream of breaking free from the 9-to-5 grind.

Early on, things clicked:

  • ✅️ Bagged $147k in my first full year
  • ✅️ Emerged as a boss in a budding industry
  • ✅️ Kept it real tight with my local support crew

Life seemed like a breeze, but that was just the calm before the storm.

The Swagger and the Fall

Amidst the wins, I pulled a rookie move—got a little too high on my own supply:

  • ⛔ Ghosted my community.
  • ⛔ Started thinking the world owed me for ‘cracking the code.’
  • ⛔ Rode the success wave thinking it’d never crash.

Big mistake. The fall hit hard, waking me up to a reality that was lonely, gloomy, and full of question marks.

Round Two: The Universe’s Redemption

Somehow, the universe cut me some slack. It led me to this wild bunch of entrepreneurs—crazy talented, insanely cool. I owe them big time. Here’s to second chances and the folks who make them happen.

Gratitude on Repeat

Counting my blessings:

  • ???? Thankful for the camaraderie in the trenches.
  • ???? Thankful for opportunities that rose from the chaos.
  • ???? Thankful for doing biz by the beach—yes, dreams do come true.
  • ???? Thankful for sunsets like the ones that make you feel small.
  • ???? Thankful for stumbling upon my zen in the midst of the storm.

The Wrap

In this share-fest, I’m laying it out to emphasize the power of staying grounded and drowning in gratitude. Success isn’t a pitstop; it’s a journey. And I’ve learned, with a bruised ego and a heap of gratitude, that the real magic happens not when you’re flying solo at the top but when you’re knee-deep in shared victories and the crazy connections you make along the way. Here’s to building communities and understanding that success is a team sport.

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