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Rebranding Ledoux Enterprises to Mayhem Digital Media Agency

Rebranding for a company is a major undertaking, and happens for many reasons. For some, it’s a result of internal growth, change in management, or an outdated image. For Ledoux Enterprises, it was born from a world pandemic and a need for guidance. Whatever the reason, it’s important to create an outstanding brand that people will recognize and remember as a brand that has the authority within the industry and the ability to truly help the company grow.

Founded by Wayne Ledoux in 2016, Ledoux Enterprises has had a strong presence in the internet marketing community. What stemmed from 10+ years of marketing experience and a need to branch out on his own, the company’s focus was to be a leading provider of exclusive online leads for local businesses. Then, COVID-19 hit the world, and everything that anyone knew as normal changed. The businesses that were once served were the ones most affected, and changes needed to be made.

In June of 2020 the decision was made to move the company into a more exciting and relevant direction. In the craziness of the madness of quarantine, unemployment, and food shortages the company’s ode to the family name changed and Mayhem Digital Media was born. Although MDMAgency will assist any company wanting to up their exposure online, its main target client is focusing on online coaches and traditional marketing agencies.

What we have done to rebrand: We wanted to connect with a new audience, stay current, and reflect on our new goals, values and offers. So we have changed our name, our logo, and updated our look to be more reflective of that.

How it’s helped us move forward into the new space: By rebranding our image, our company personality and our target audience we have attracted new customers and rekindled an interest from our existing audience.

What we are doing for our new clients to make them successful:

For more information, check us out on, on Instagram at Mayhem Digital Media or the website at To have a FREE marketing call, schedule an appointment HERE or call us directly at 619.665.3333

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Our founder & CEO Wayne Ledoux has been invited and featured in various business and digital marketing podcast to share his knowledge and journey. 

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