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How a Business Lowered the Cost of Facebook Ads From $120 to $23 Per Lead

What we did to take a client from getting low-quality leads to generating $132k a month in sales. I have heard many business owners complain about how Facebook advertising is a waste of money.

Generating sales from Facebook ads is particularly challenging for companies that sell higher ticket items or services. After all, it’s not typical for people to click on an ad while they’re laughing at cat videos and then decide to drop a few grand with a company they just heard about, right?

I get it.

Facebook marketing is quite a moving target. It seems like every time you think you have it figured out, they change the rules or add more “features” so you have to start from square one, again.

Come on, who has time for that?

But with 2.19 billion (yes, with a B) monthly active users, Facebook is an advertising platform you can’t afford to ignore.

What’s a smart business owner to do… short of spending 28 hours a day trying to master Facebook ads?

From Crappy Leads to $132k a Month Using Facebook Ads

Before I tell you the one key concept to making Facebook ads work like gangbusters, let’s look at what this strategy has done for one of our clients:

Shane, who owns a solar and roofing company, came to us after struggling with his Facebook ads. He was only generating around 10 appointments a week with a less-than-satisfactory closing ratio.

In addition, it cost him over $120 per lead as he was buying low-quality third-party leads that were also being sold to his competitors.

After we worked on his Facebook ad strategy, Shane generated 102 exclusive leads, booked 38 appointments, and closed 27 sales – in just 60 days!

The best part? Each lead only cost him $23!

It wasn’t a fluke either.

The second month, Shane went on to make $132k in sales thanks to his Facebook ad strategy.

What to know what we did for him?

The Secret to Increasing Facebook Ad ROI

Like I mentioned earlier, it isn’t “natural” for people to switch from hanging out on Facebook and catching up with friends to dropping a few grand on products or services.

As such, it isn’t exactly realistic to expect Facebook ads to bring you the sales right after someone clicks on an ad and lands on your website.

Instead, Facebook ads should be part of your sales funnel that’s designed to segment your leads, generate opt-ins (i.e., capture prospects’ contact information), and set up sales calls.

To incorporate Facebook ads into your sales funnel, you need to first identify three audience segments: top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel.

Ads for a “top of the funnel” audience should aim at driving them to your content, while those targeting “middle of the funnel” visitors should promote your lead magnet.

Ads for “bottom of the funnel” prospects should focus on getting them to make a purchase or book a sales call.

You’d then create a few ad sets for each audience so you can refine the targeting and test your messaging.

After capturing the leads, you can continue nurturing them through email marketing to build trust and relationships. This will help set your sales calls up for success.

Get the Exact Sales Funnel Blueprint Shane Used to Rock his Facebook Ads

Sales and marketing are the lifeblood of your business. If you don’t get your name out there, nobody will know about your products or services, no matter how good they are.

If you want your business to thrive, you can’t afford to ignore one of the most effective marketing and online advertising tactics – Facebook marketing.

Download the Facebook Ad Funnel Blueprint today to see how you can optimize your marketing budget and close more sales.

It is no mystery that our clients dominate their marketplaces with a team and strategy in place that is proven time and again. You can see more testimonials here.


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