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How We Generated Early and Continued Success Generating Exclusive Solar Leads with a New Marketing Plan Bringing Cost per Lead Under $6


One of the most common questions that we get here at the agency is why it is so hard to get consistent measurable results with Facebook marketing. Clean Solar Tech asked us this very same question when came to work with Ledoux Enterprises after failing to have success with Facebook Marketing for over 3 months straight. They knew they needed a strong Facebook presence in order to gain the leads that were needed to increase sales.

Once working with Ledoux Enterprises and having us implement a solid marketing plan, they went from having minimal and unqualified leads to gaining qualified leads for a fraction of the cost.

  • Brought a negative ROI marketing spending for boosting Facebook posts to a $5 cost per lead within 2 months
  • Gained first sale within 3 weeks of implementing the program
  • Client satisfaction: “It’s working EXACTLY the way I wanted. Leads are coming in.” – Carl McNeill, Clean Solar Tech
About Clean Solar Tech

Clean Solar Technologies is an American Solar and Renewable Energy installer. They provide solar panel, energy retrofitting, and carbon reduction solutions to residential, commercial and public works properties. They service clients in Southern California, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.


Previous to working with Ledoux Enterprises, Clean Solar Tech had worked with their previous marketing manager for months to help produce leads for their sales team to work. They were relying only on boosted posts and efforts to get “likes” for their page and didn’t have a real clear idea of what to do next. Frustratingly, nothing that results in cost-effective leads.

After having no success for 3 months to break Facebook’s code to generating high quality leads at low prices with only and Ad account set up, the marketing manager referred Clean Solar Tech to Ledoux Enterprises based on the company’s reputation to provide exclusive leads for solar companies at a fraction of the cost.


Ledoux Enterprises implemented their Facebook Ads services to Clean Solar Tech’s marketing routine, results immediately turned around. We employ what we call rapid-fire experiments to quickly learn what will get real leads that turn into sales.

Ledoux Enterprises was able to do a full set up for the client including full branding, gathering of digital assets, a Facebook Pixel implementation, Ad copy creation and testing, audience building, and focused ad spend monitoring.


Today, after only 2 months, Clean Solar Tech is pumping out results consistently and have a team of sales reps calling on the new leads as well as working the database of past leads that needed more time. From throwing away money on boosted posts to strong copy and focused audience, their leads were brought down to $5.90 per lead.

Although we are not in control of the appointment setting or closing ratios of our clients, sending quality leads to our clients at a low cost and improving our client’s digital marketing ROI is our main objective.

We now have a client that is a true believer in Facebook Ad marketing with Ledoux Enterprises:

“Good stuff, Wayne! Good stuff, bro. I appreciate you! People that can DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY CAN DO. Thank you!” -Carl McNeill, Clean Solar Tech

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